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Connecting you to more travel agents, tour operators and travel professionals in North America and worldwide.

150,000+ Individuals

The world’s largest audience of professionals actively engaged in creating, promoting, and delivering travel experiences. 

  • Travel Professionals – those who package and sell travel experiences including agents, tour operators, meeting/incentive planners, etc.
  • Products & Services – those who supply the individual components consumed by tourism like local experiences and attractions, resorts and hoteliers, restaurants, airlines and ground transportation
  • Association – the affiliate groups and associations whose memberships are comprised of travel professionals and suppliers of product/service. 
  • Destination Marketing Organizations – those who promote destinations to potential visitors, sometimes referred to as convention & visitors bureau. This includes public and private entities responsible for economic development from tourism activity.

9 out of 10 identify themselves as decision makers at work, able to influence vendor selection, product promotion, and sales strategies.

6 Continents

North America, Europe, and Central/South America – make up over half of our audience. welcomes visitors from over 30 countries each week.

They’re Engaged

16 minutes holds visitor interest 6.5x longer than the typical website.

Average Session Length Jan. 2021

25-60% greater

eLearning increases retention rates 25-60% compared to face-to-face training

Research Institute of America

5X More

With eLearning, professionals learn 5 times more material without increasing time spent in training

IBM, 2017

They’re invested

30:1 Return

Every dollar invested in online training yields $30 in productivity.

IBM, 2017

26% Higher

Revenue generated per employee is 26% higher for companies that offer training using technology and eLearning

They’re Motivated

95% recommend

94% of students say online learning has, or will have, a positive ROI and 95% would recommend online education to others.

Best Colleges, 2020

They’re Qualified

Millions of Insights

The Tourism Academy Insights is a database of company information that we gather by combining artificial intelligence, third party data, web crawling, and crowdsourcing.

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