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The Most Progressive LMS
Tourism eLearning & Training Platform

Create an online eLearning training environment for your people and share it with travel & tourism professionals worldwide. Choose from hundreds of pre-qualified on-demand courses. Track student progress and achievement. Add your own courses and provide your own certification. The Tourism Academy learning management system gives you that freedom! 

Built to exceed the unique needs of the adult learners and travel industry enterprises. 

Powerful Built-In LMS

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, Quizzes, and Certification

Effortless Course Management

Intuitive Course Management powered by cloud technology

Easily Share Courses Online

Enjoy the flexibility of education, distribution, and easily manage online sales.

24/7 Support

You can use the LearnBot, detailed Knowledge Base or the Ticket system to receive swift and helpful support.

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The Tourism Academy LMS is the best choice for your organization!

A fully packed education platform and learning management system for the tourism industry. It’s designed for everyone who wants to create or offer online courses. Destinations, travel agencies and CVBs that need dedicated learning environments for their people. The Tourism Academy LMS offers coaching and certification centers so that you can offer effective eLearning platforms and deliver knowledge worldwide. It is a perfect tourism & hospitality industry education tool, designed to meet the needs of travel & elearning industries.

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We use eLearning and training too! Regardless of what team you’re on, your teammates expect you to use our training. Our courses are the common language of the organization, they do downright amazing things for our world and their charms are indistinguishable from magic.

Business Training

Implement the top-notch learning technology of LMS and create a perfect workflow within any business, membership organization, or institution.

Individual Instructors

Deliver skills and knowledge online to thousands of students, promote your products, engage with learners, and create a transformative learning experience.

On-Demand Platform

Create a universal online learning environment for lead generation, elevating best practice, and provide a valuable experience.

Why Choose The Tourism Academy?

The Tourism Academy learning management system (LMS) allows you to create courses step by step. We gained experience from the most popular eLearning websites and created a signature recipe for the ideal travel training learning management system. The full package of The Tourism Academy solutions will let you provide a great eLearning platform to your audience.

Essential Features

The Tourism Academy LMS provides awesome features for creating customized learning environments for business, online courses and lessons. Clear and agile usabilities of online education adult learning tools will make you feel like a professional IT specialist. We guarantee you an exceptional experience.

  • Intuitive Course Builder
  • Multiple Lesson Types
  • Dynamic Quiz Tool
  • Verified Certification & Compliance
  • Point System
  • DMO & CVB Integrated
  • Integrated Gamification
  • Certificate Builder
  • Student Management
  • Group Courses
  • Private Messaging
  • Zoom Conference
  • Live Streams
  • SCORM Integration
  • Community Networking
  • Course Import
  • Google Classrooms

What People Say About Our Team and Our People


Request a Demo

The best demo is trying it for yourself. Enroll in a course. Sign up as an instructor. 

Our team is also available for one-on-one demos to help you build a functional and beautiful online learning portal or course. We’ve got amazing tools and resources for our partners. There are no similar options. 



It has never been easier! No need to type any line of code. Building tourism management and travel industry courses is as easy as breathing if you have a magic Front-end course builder. Super convenient and transparent builder, visual composer and functional drag and drop tools – everything at hand to make it as easy as possible.

Engaging Lesson Types

Education in ways that students learn. With multiple lesson types, you can address the needs of multiple learning styles and boost course engagement. We designed The Tourism Academy with a well-defined approach in mind. And the main point of this was to make it transformative, engaging, and accessible.
As a result, you have three variations of lessons to work with: video, slides, and text.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Enjoy the flexibility of the powerful features of Zoom Web Conferencing and get access directly through The Tourism Academy thanks to Zoom integration. Businesses and Organizations can enhance their virtual programs by allowing their learners to access high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile. Create and manage Zoom Meetings directly from your online courses!

Live Streaming Lessons

Bridge the gap between in-person training programs and those offered online with live streaming. Show off local restaurants with a cooking class, give a tour of the newest ship, even walk potential buyers through a FAM in real time. Communicate directly with your audience, stream lessons, and give students the tools to follow along and ask questions right away. 

Countless Quiz Combinations

The options are unlimited. Combine question types, set time limit and passing grade, select from a number of predefined question types. Ideal for tourism certificate and accreditation programs with independent verification.

6 Question Types

Use your imagination and play with the types, build difficult, engaging and interesting quizzes. This flexible functionality allows you to create content that will not be repeated.


Add two types of assignments to lessons: uploads and essays. Check student’s work, grade their performance and leave notes. Give them more freedom to boast of their knowledge.

Exclusive User Forums

Each course includes its own online forum, a special community where students can share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with the studies, have a good chat or get advice from their peers.

In addition, there are private forums for companies to share with their employees, organizations & their members, and so on.

Request a Demo

The best demo is trying it for yourself. Enroll in a course or join as an instructor. 

Our team is also available for one-on-one demos to help you build a functional and beautiful online learning portal or course. We’ve got amazing tools and resources for our partners. There are no similar options. 

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