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Tourism Insights

Automatically populating records with valuable business data and details from our database of over 20 million organizations to get powerful insights and statistics our innovators, instructors, developers, sponsors, and researchers actually use.

More time Educating and less time digging.

Using powerful insights, populated automatically.

No more wasting time digging for statistics and details about travel companies, suppliers, destinations, agencies, and operators.

The Tourism Academy database automatically populates new contact, company, and training records with details from its database of over 20 million businesses. All we need is a corporate email address.

Our instructors, researchers, innovators, and engineers spend less time hunting down information about travel databases, and more time educating.

our technology

Advanced View And Filter Tools​

We got tired of juggling multiple tools, tabs, and screens. Insights give us the ability to view travel company details in the same place we create courses, service our users, and handle communications.

We use filters to find exactly what we’re looking for, whether it’s a list of travel agencies in North America, a grouping of suppliers in an emerging market, or learning activity, feature changes, and social media information.

Having powerful insights all in one place makes it that much easier to craft personalized solutions.

Customized properties for tourism development

We needed a tool that would let us view information that’s very specific to tourism business, tour operators, travel agencies, destinations, and the vendors they work with.

The Tourism Academy Insights database includes hundreds of unique contact and company fields that help us deliver training solutions to very targeted audiences. 

We don’t have to dig for the important details, giving our users an incredible business advantage. 

tourism data & research

Industry Data & Research

When thinking about the labor market, you might envision large corporations and small businesses made up of thousands upon thousands of jobs–plus salaries, hourly pay, taxes, etc. But it’s important to remember that those corporations and businesses are part of a broader grouping: industries. And industry data is at the heart of tourism market information.


Organizing data by tourism industries helps our team, advisors, economists and other researchers look past the details of individual businesses or corporations and see the bigger picture. At The Tourism Academy, we use industry data as a foundation for all economic and market analysis. 

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We look for brands that inspire travel, provide rewarding experiences, empower travel planners, and boost productivity. Our ideal partner shares our passion for transformative, engaging, and accessible quality education.

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