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Earn money while sharing your knowledge and inspiring a love for travel.


Teach what you love at The Tourism Academy

Help us provide tourism professionals with the skill and knowledge they need to give more people the chance to see the world, advance their careers, and grow their businesses.  

As an instructor, you’ll get the chance to connect with The Tourism Academy community while building a passive income that takes almost no time to make. We support you with the tools you need to create a great course, be seen by tourism professionals and earn from course enrollment. 


What you get


You Keep 80% of Course Sales

Make money easily.  There’s no upfront cost and you keep 80% or more of every registration fee earned by your courses. 


Make a Powerful impact

Travel is a life-changing and eye opening experience. The transformative courses you build help tourism and hospitality leaders advance their careers, support their communities, and make travel accessible to more people.


Teach what you love

Your unique point of view, life experience, and instructional style make travel training more relatable and engaging. You have the freedom to create travel tourism courses that reflect your passion, expertise, content, pace, and style. Engage with others who love to learn, travel, share, and explore.


Our Growing Tourism Audience

The Tourism Academy is actively promoting its travel training, online tourism courses, amazing speakers, and valuable course content through a number of marketing channels. Our audience includes over 32,000 travel companies and their 150,000 travel agents, operators, employees, members, and stakeholders. Read More


Travel & Speaking Engagements

Travel companies, destination marketing organizations, and tourism associations are looking to The Tourism Academy for qualified speakers, workshop presenters, and corporate training providers. We call upon the instructors we know, who’ve earned great course reviews, and who know this audience to fill this need.


Instructor Success & Support

We are invested in our instructors’ success. We provide course builders with high-quality tailored support that includes live Q&A sessions, quick start videos, curriculum templates, dozens of insightful blog articles, 24/7 SmartBot, and a comprehensive Knowledge Base.


It's easy

Instructors at The Tourism Academy are free from the weekly lecture schedule, grading papers, and typical classroom constraints. Our technology powers the intuitive course builder & dashboard. You are free to travel the world while students learn at their own pace, when, where, and how it suits them best. 

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From your user dashboard you’ll be able to put together your course. The New Instructor Wizard will appear at the bottom of your screen to walk you through the course builder step-by-step. Easily add content, name your course, and set a selling price.

Publish Your Course

Just hit the button and your course is sent for instant approval by our Instructor Success team. Every online tourism training in our public course catalog must be transformative, engaging, and accessible. It’s that simple.

Turn Knowledge into cash

Your course joins our growing catalog. Use your link to let your audience know about your new course. Get paid each time someone makes a purchase.

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