Tourism Ambassador Training

Tourism Ambassador Training

Build relevance. Create stakeholder alignment. Create more positive visitor experiences. Empower, upskill and engage your front-line workforce. Boost reaffirming social impressions while reducing your convention and visitor acquisition costs. Gain community support for a common goal – your mission!

Tourism Ambassadors, certified by the nonprofit Tourism Academy, deliver amazing positive experiences so you can assert your claim as a thriving, must-see destination.


Tourism Ambassador Training & Certification

Education With Empathy


Our courses are the common language of the organization, they do downright amazing things for our world, our client destinations and their charms are indistinguishable from magic. Build with adult learning needs and instructional design in mind, being certified by The Tourism Academy has meaning, value and demonstrates competency.


We educate in the ways that students learn. With a variety of lesson types and styles, we address the needs of multiple learners, resulting in a boost to course engagement. We designed The Tourism Academy with a well-defined approach in mind. Therefore, the main point was to make adult learning and certified training more transformative, engaging, and accessible to all.
As a result, we have variations of lessons to work with including: live streaming, Zoom integration, Google Classrooms, video, slides, and text.


Online and on demand destination tourism ambassador training so that your stakeholders can become certified whenever and wherever they are most motivated.
Intuitive user experience that is fully responsive and built as education with empathy to reflect the needs of a diverse and inclusive audience.

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Protect Your Reputation With Tourism Ambassadors

Tourism Ambassadors are able to rise to the occasion. They defend your destination against any defaming news or opinions. They become certified because they love your destination and gleefully share that passion with others. 

destination certified tourism ambassador certification destination

Tourism Ambassadors Humanize Your Brand

“The people behind the place…” visitors prefer authentic interactions with destination locals rather than faceless advertising. 

Your powerful tourism ambassador certification program is able to assume the responsibility of a grassroots marketing and sales team without necessarily being paid. 

destination certified tourism ambassador certification destination

Ambassadors Spread Positive Word of Mouth

The voices of your tourism ambassadors serve the best interest of your destination because they are trained, willing and able to provide positive word of mouth and dispel any negative associations with each and every visitor they encounter.

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Tourism Ambassadors Help Grow Your Destination

Creating positive visitor experiences, your tourism ambassadors become certified to help your destination elevate its brand perception, generate more social impressions, increase repeat visitation, become a more desirable leisure destination, conference location, and add room nights to the typical length of stay. 

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Hello, Sheena & Stephen Here

We lead the tourism development and instructional design teams at The Tourism Academy. Together with a team of instructional designers and business psychologists, we have built and run a portfolio of online learning solutions made just for the tourism industry. We speak to the needs of destination marketing organizations and their stakeholders. On this site, we share everything we’ve learned along the way. The courses and content we create are the training we wish we had before starting this journey. 

We hate the cheesy, amateurish and underwhelming side of travel industry education and so we focus on being fluff-free and actionable.

Recent Blog Posts

A decade ago, grassroots marketing was nothing short of a subsidiary tactic for generating brand awareness. Marketers didn’t put any value to the frontline visitor experience until recently, when social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok began having an influx of users. Today, what was deemed a marketing afterthought is estimated to be a $5-$10 billion industry.

Despite this opportunity, some destination marketing organizations (DMO) and convention & visitor bureaus (CVB) are still skeptical on whether they should invest in designing and maintaining a tourism ambassador program.

So let’s get down to certified business.

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There are certain actions every destination marketer or DMO already knows and follows when starting every tourism marketing campaign; email marketing, social media, SEO, etc. But, even though the above mentioned are effective and have been proven don’t you want just a little bit more? Don’t you still need a positive visitor experience and to wow each visitor who arrives for a site inspection or their first visit? Let’s talk about becoming Certified.

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Certified and credible tourism ambassadors are able to offer many benefits, with the most important being the ability to give your brand a boost on social media, spread positive messages, create positive visitor experiences and influence consumer (and convention) sales.

The most effective are those who are able to provide customer service and act as spokespeople for your brand. Tourism ambassadors also benefit from this process because it gives them an avenue to expand their professional network, give back to their communities, learn new skills and improve at customer service for free. The below infographic goes into more detail about just a few of the major benefits of from having your own tourism ambassador program.

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Why choose the tourism academy?

Instructional Design

We create learning experiences and materials result in the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. This instructional design discipline follows a system of assessing needs, designing a process, developing materials and evaluating their effectiveness.

Learning Management System

A fully packed education platform (LMS) for everyone who wants to create or offer online courses, dedicated learning environments for their people, coaching, and certification centers, eLearning platforms, and deliver knowledge worldwide.

Tourism Experience

The Tourism Academy team brings together experience in adult learning, instructional design, business psychology and tourism development to create truly meaningful certified tourism training and ambassador programs.


Looking for new workforce development tools, to upskill your volunteers, build an advocacy base or recruit new members? Your certified tourism brand ambassador program is just the start to filling areas of need within your community. Here are a few examples:


Online and on demand training are far more efficient than traditional, in-person training. We remove obstacles that would otherwise prevent you from reaching your goals.

Community Alignment

Bring your various stakeholders into alignment to support the goals of your destination marketing organization (DMO) or convention and visitors bureau (CVB).

Local Stakeholders including:

  • Transportation hubs like Airports, Rail Stations, Bus Depots, etc.
  • Activities, Attractions & Events – arts, culture, heritage, casinos, sports
  • Government – City, State, Federal – elected officials like mayors and city council, government employees like police and community outreach
  • Community Members – Passionate Volunteers & Local Citizens
  • Conference Hotels, Convention Centers & Meeting Places
  • Local Mom & Pop Shops and Downtown Merchants
  • Community & Workforce Development / Economic Development
  • Schools & Higher Education – colleges, universities, community colleges
  • Lodging & Hotels – home rentals, beds & breakfast, RV parks, hotels, etc.
  • Bars, Clubs, Lounges & Nightlife
  • Real Estate and Reinvestment Firms
  • Places to Dine – coffee shops, restaurants, classy joints and local favorites
  • Commercial Real Estate – malls, downtown alliances, retailers, districts, etc.
  • Event Facilities – convention center, arena, theaters, concert halls, sporting events
  • Modes of Transport – Uber, Lyft, taxi, cab, shuttle, public transit, local trolly, limo, motorcoach
  • Tourism Promoters – Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), Chambers of Commerce & Community
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Medical Facilities – Urgent Care Centers & Hospitals
  • Everyone else – Tourism Spending benefits every local person and entity through reduced taxes and economic development, including local banks, corporations, etc.

Get Started

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Ready to Get Started?

We offer a number of tourism ambassador training and certificate opportunities with unbeatable benefits, customizable to meet your objectives. 

If you’re interested in starting a tourism ambassador certificate program, becoming a sponsor or promoting your brand with The Tourism Academy, call 

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